Each Item is hand made with care. When you buy from Love Nene you are always getting a one-of-a-kind piece and nothing makes us happier than finding homes for our creations!

Love Nene's Story

Hi! My name is Nikki, but my nieces and nephews have been calling me Nene since they were little and it has stuck. As a designer and design director for large companies in the accessories field for over 15 years I decided I wanted to venture out on my own in the scary world of small business. I began experimenting with cement after buying an inspirational item while shopping in London. After moving to Massachusetts and setting up shop in my garage, I launched Love Nene and started selling at markets in the summer of 2022.

All Love Nene Items are hand poured into silicone molds in my garage studio. Pigments are mixed into small batches of dry cement by color. The final look of each piece comes from the techniques I use when pouring the cement.

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How to care for your items

All Love Nene products are made of cement but that unfortunately does not make them indestructible. They can break if you drop them on a hard surface or chip if they are hit with another hard surface.

Avoid using oils, acids or products that can stain around your item, especially if you are buying a piece that is not sealed. Cement is porous and will stain.

To clean your item you can wipe with a soft cloth and water.

Buy in person at a market in MA or RI

You can find me most weekends at a market set up with around 250 to 300 items. Here are my market dates for the rest of 2023-

October 7th-8th - Yarmouth Seaside Festival on Cape Cod

October 14th-15th - Applefest at Wachusett Mountain

October 21st-22nd - Cranberry Festival in Harwich on Cape Cod

October 28th - Craft Fair at Needham, MA High School

October 29th - The Providence Flea at Farm Fresh RI

Novemeber 11th - Craft Fair at Scituate, MA High School

Novemeber 18th - Wellesley Marketplace at Wellesley, MA High School. My booth is upstairs in the second floor gym.

November 19th - The Providence Flea in Farm Fresh RI

November 24th- The Providence Flea in Farm Fresh RI

November 25th-26th - New Beford, Ma Regional Technical High School Craft Fair

December 2nd-3rd - Fall River, MA Durfee High School Holiday Craft Fair

December 8th - The Providence Flea in Farm Fresh RI

December 10th - The Providence Flea in Farm Fresh RI

December 15th - The Providence Flea in Farm Fresh RI

December 17th - The Providence Flea in Farm Fresh RI

Return Policy

All sales are final. I try to photo and present each piece so that you are aware of what you will receive. If you have any issues please email me as soon as possible and I will try my best to resolve the problem.